Wildlife Health in the 21st Century: A lecture by Dr. Ted Leighton

Recently, Ted Leighton, former Executive Director and now an active Associate of the CWHC, spent two weeks in Australia as the first KVF Jubb Fellow at the University of Melbourne. As part of that Fellowship, he delivered a public lecture at the University of Melbourne on August 6th, entitled  Wildlife Health in the 21st Century.

“How many people can the earth support, and with what quality of life? In the 21st century, this question has moved from a matter of passive speculation to an active global experiment in which all of humanity is participating as subject, scientist, judge and jury. The question is fundamentally ecological, and, as the wave of human numbers on earth approaches its peak, it has linked the health and well-being of humanity and of the biosphere as never before.” It is in this context that Dr. Leighton spoke about health and disease in wild animals and its many connections to human well-being.

This lecture, including an introduction by Dean Ken Hinchcliff,  is now available online as an audio presentation:


The illustrations used by Dr Leighton also are available here.

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