Study in Nova Scotia shows that coyotes stay close to people.

The unprecedented attack and killing of a young woman in Cape Breton Highlands National Park by a group of coyotes in 2009 prompted Parks Canada to begin a study which would hopefully provide more information on how to limit human-coyote interactions in the area.   What they found is that the 8 animals fitted with GPS tracking collars tended to spend a lot of time in areas that humans regularly use.  Park official Derek Quann said in an interview with CBC news that “The fact that they occupy the more highly populated areas is not all that surprising, and it’s somewhat expected,” stating that, “Coyotes will go wherever they can get enough food, and where they judge that the risks are acceptable.”  Park staff are trying to educate visitors about the animals and encourage people to not feed or leave food available for them.  They are also trying to deter coyotes by using loud noises to scare them.

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