New Provincial Parks Announced in Ontario


Clear creek forestOn September 3, 2014, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry announced that they are opening five new provincial parks:

  • Carden Alvar, located near Orillia
  • Cedar Creek, near Essex
  • Clear Creek Forest, near Chatham-Kent
  • Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Mnidoo Mnising, located on Manitoulin Island
  • Strawberry Island, near Manitoulin Island

Eastern-loggerhead-shrikeWhile each of these new parks will be significant, the Carden Alvar is of special interest to the CWHC. The Carden Alvar provides a unique and vital habitat for the endangered Eastern Loggerhead Shrike. Over the past several years, the CWHC has been assisting Wildlife Preservation Canada and their associated agencies with their Eastern Loggerhead Shrike captive breeding program.



In addition to the new parks, the ministry will also be expanding existing parks:

  • Misery Bay
  • Stoco Fen
  • Charleston Lake

See the following for more information:

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry News Release

Wildlife Preservation Canada – Eastern Loggerhead Shrike Captive Breeding Program

Submitted by David Cristo, CWHC Ontario/Nunavut

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