Mystery Paralysis in Elk reported in Canmore, AB

Photo: Cam Barlow

Photo courtesy of                Cam Barlow

Fish and Wildlife officials of Alberta Sustainable Resources Development have reported an illness in two elk in a herd in Canmore, Alberta. The affected animals had both their hind legs paralyzed. The officials are baffled as they have never seen such illness in Canmore’s elk population.  Wildlife biologists and experts are analyzing the cause of this illness. The post mortem examination of one of the elk that was euthanized is being carried out at the Alberta Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre lab.

Please click here for the full news article in the Calgary Herald.

UPDATE:  The cause of paralysis for these animals was determined to be due to blunt force trauma, likely due to a collision with a vehicle.  Please click on the following link to view the full article:

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