Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Wild Birds in Ontario – CWHC ON/NU Update April 10, 2022

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  1. Cara Sullivan says:

    I can’t find evidence to support taking down bird feeders to prevent spread of avian influenza. In fact, I find the opposite. Could you please advise? Dr Ian Jones, commenting on a CBC report Mar 15/22, wrote: “For scientific, factual information about avian flu please have a look at this article: Muzaffar, S.B., Ydenberg, R.C. and I.L. Jones. 2006. Avian influenza: An ecological and evolutionary perspective for waterbird scientists. Waterbirds 29(3): 243-256. The opinions in this ridiculous CBC article are not factual and should be ignored. We have two avian flu experts here at MUN and both of us are operating back yard bird feeders with no concern about ‘spreading deadly avian flu virus’.” Thank you.

  2. Carolyn Blushke says:

    Hello Cara,
    The messaging from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island was “no feeders at all” partly because there had been a couple of positive blue jays found , which frequent feeders. I found this information from Environment and Climate Change Canada more recently.

    To minimize the risk of transmission of HPAI do not feed waterfowl, gulls or other water birds. Feeding encourages wild birds to congregate around food sources and can increase the probability of transmission among wild birds, both within and among species.

    The use of bird feeders is still safe but they should be removed from areas that are open to poultry and other domestic animals. If you care for poultry, prevent contact between wild birds and poultry by removing exterior/outdoor sources of food, water and shelter that attract wild birds. Backyard bird feeders and baths should be cleaned regularly using a weak solution of domestic bleach (10% sodium hypochlorite). Ensure they are well rinsed and dried before reuse.

    For regional guidelines and local bylaws on feeding wild birds, check with your provincial and municipal governments.

    I hope you find this information helpful and thank you for your comment

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