Hepatic sarcocystosis in black bears: an emerging disease in British Columbia?

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3 Responses

  1. Dr. Vince Crichton says:

    Have found sarcosystis in deer, moose and elk in MB back in the 70s (and of course waterfowl in the 60s)- 1st time I have seen report of it in black bears – most interesting

  2. Christine Schonbachler says:

    I live in northwestern BC. In our valley there has always been plenty of black bears. This year, hardly ANY blacks have been seen. Now I hear reports about a liver parasite killing the bears in their dens. This is scary, as it sound of beeing very wide spread. Does anybody know more about this???

    • CCWHC says:

      There is no evidence of this parasite causing mortality in wild bears and affecting populations. The lower numbers of wild bears that has been observed in some areas of BC this year appears to be associated with other conditions such as high berry numbers which have been diverting bears from communities where they can be easily seen. The discovery of this parasite in some bears is triggering research to better understand the role of parasites in bears and other wildlife health.

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