EcoHealth National Rotation 2012

Photo courtesy of Heather Anhold – WCVM

This year during the first 2 weeks in September, the Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island, hosted the EcoHealth elective rotation for senior veterinary students from the five veterinary faculties across Canada.  During the course, students learn approaches to investigating and proposing resolutions to disease problems involving animal and human health with ecosystem implications.  They are presented with problems, or cases specific to the natural, agronomic, industrial, and community priorities in the regions they are visiting, always aware of the political system in which they must operate.

This year’s group investigated the role of farming techniques and environmental / land stewardship in relation to oyster and clam mortalities, possible associations between storm run-off and municipal sewage management with cormorant and grey seal die-offs, and how to work with various levels of government towards policy development that will best serve producers and consumers of the famous seafood fare of Prince Edward Island.

This flagship course, the only one that bridges all the veterinary faculties across Canada, is in its 19th year, and going strong, with the support of the Deans of Veterinary Medicine, and in recognition of the growing relevance of EcoHealth and One Health in veterinary medicine.

Article by: Judit Smits – University of Calgary, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

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