CWHC BC Welcomes Dr. Glenna McGregor!

The BC node of the CWHC would like to welcome their new diagnostic pathologist, Dr. Glenna McGregor!

Glenna graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM), in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 2010. Following vet-school graduation she spent two adventure-filled years practicing at a very busy mixed-animal practice in rural Ontario, treating everything from a hedgehog with an embarrassing Glenna-12-1exercise-wheel injury to bison with copper deficiency, and everything else in between. She then decided she wanted to try to improve animal health from a little higher upstream – by trying to better understand the origin and development of disease and other determinants of animal health. In September, 2015 she completed a Masters of Veterinary Science and Senior Residency in anatomic pathology with a specialization in wildlife health, also at the WCVM.

Glenna joined the Animal Health Center with the Ministry of Agriculture in British Columbia as a diagnostic pathologist in October, 2015. After an excellent experience working with CWHC Western/Northern, she is very excited to be part the BC node of CWHC. She enjoys working with all species of Canadian wildlife, with an especial fondness for bats.  As a prairie-girl and newcomer to British Columbia, Glenna is excited to explore all of the hiking, skiing and climbing around the beautiful Fraser Valley.


Submitted by CWHC BC

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