CWHC 2014/15 Annual Report

For many Canadians, healthy fish and wildlife define the very essence of our country. Healthy wildlife are important to our social and economic well-being. Wildlife health is an essential contributor to and an excellent indicator of the health of the environment upon which we depend.

preview-1Urbanization, globalization, climate change and other megatrends are creating new and unexpected impacts on wildlife health. Evidence of their impacts can be seen in the increasing role of wildlife as sources of emerging diseases of people; reduced access and safety of traditionally harvested foods; changes in the quality and abundance of fisheries; and increasing disease flow between wildlife and farmed animals. The 2014/15 Annual Report of the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative (CWHC) is meant to raise awareness of our response to some of these varied challenges and to highlight the efforts of the CWHC to protect the health of wild animals.

Our 2014/15 report is now available online:

We invite you to take a moment to familiarize yourself with the CWHC and our activities.

We are pleased to feature the work of acclaimed artist, Robbie Craig, in this year’s report and we thank him for generously allowing us to do so.

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