CCWHC Western/Northern Hosts Short Course for SIAST Students

On Friday March 2, 2012 eleven students from SIAST’s Resource and Environmental Law (REL) program along with their 2 instructors, Nat Strom and Darryl Bowen, came to the WCVM in Saskatoon for a one day short course on wildlife diseases.  The students from the REL program go on to become Conservation and Fish and Wildlife Officers who play a critical role in wildlife disease surveillance.

The morning was spent in the classroom with Dr. Trent Bollinger discussing the role of the CCWHC, the importance of wildlife disease surveillance and an overview of zoonotic diseases. The students were exposed to different disease scenarios outlining the basics of field investigations.  Autopsy techniques, sample collection and safety precautions were discussed.

The afternoon consisted of Dr. Trent Bollinger performing a demonstration of an autopsy to highlight the importance of collecting the appropriate samples in order to determine cause of death when whole bodies cannot be sent directly to the veterinary diagnostic lab. The students then had their chance to try out their autopsy skills with the assistance of CCWHC staff members Crystal Rainbow and Marnie Zimmer.

CCWHC Western Northern plans to be involved with SIAST in the future with similar short courses.  This was a great way for the students to gain hands on skills for their careers and also allows the CCWHC to meet future Conservation and Fish and Wildlife Officers.

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