CCWHC graduate student and associates host the AVC Friends and Family “Living with wildlife workshop”

On May 22, 2012 as part of an initiative by the Atlantic Veterinary College’s (AVC) volunteer advocacy group, AVC Friends and Family, to connect with the public of Prince Edward Island by providing community workshops, the “Living wild wildlife workshop” was held. AVC intern in zoological, exotic and wildlife medicine, Dr. Adriana Nielson discussed how to deal with orphaned wildlife who may not actually be orphaned. Prince Edward Island Fish and Wildlife official Chuck Gallison discussed legal regulations of wildlife rehabilitation on Prince Edward Island and what to do when the public comes across an injured or ill wild animal. Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre pathology resident Dr. Heather Fenton discussed diseases that can be passed from wild animals to people (zoonotic) that may be relevant to Prince Edward Island. The workshop ended with Dr. Marion Desmarchelier, director of the Atlantic Veterinary College Zoo, Exotic and Wildlife Service, summarized the year in submissions of clinical wildlife cases including stories of release of a snowy owl and rescue of a pilot whale.

For full video of workshop please visit the Atlantic Veterinary College website:

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