Canada’s Response to White Nose Syndrome

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3 Responses

  1. Brian Salt says:

    What can we do to help?

    • CCWHC says:

      Thank you for your interest in this conservation crisis and your willingness to take any action you can. What can you, a wildlife rehabilitation centre, do to help? You can inform the public and encourage people to be vigilant for day-flying bats and sick or dead bats on the landscape anywhere in Ontario while there still is snow on the ground. Any such observations should be reported to the Ontario office of the CCWHC, toll free at 1-866-673- 4781. You also may be able to raise awareness among public officials and elected representatives regarding the devastation of cave-nesting bats being caused now by WNS and the urgent need to track, understand and reduce the harm of this disease in every way possible. In these ways, you will be supporting OMNR and CCWHC personnel in their efforts to track and manage this disease in Ontario. You also can encourage concerned people to make a charitable donation to the CCWHC to support its efforts in coordinating responses to WNS in Ontario and across Canada. This can be done on line at

  2. K Stacey says:


    I want to report finding a dead bat on my property today. Recently dead, he had white substance on his nose.
    I live in the SW monteregie area of Quebec (Huntingdon Qc).
    I have always had bats on our farm and we cherish them and want them to thrive here.
    I have kept the corpse if you want it.

    Please feel free to contact me at this email address if you need further information.


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