Bat Monday – October 31, 2016


It is the last day of Bat Week, and we’ve already seen a lot of them in the media. Enjoy the last day, but don’t forget about bats the rest of the year.

11. Article: Ignore the Dracula stuff: Bats are helpful, not sinister
12. Article: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Joins National Bat Week
13. Article: The best ways to minimize wind-farm opposition? Community outreach and listening
14. Article: ERT Allows Wind Farm Appeal on the Basis of Harm to Little Brown Bat and Concerns Regarding Aerodromes
15. Article: Pennsylvania Landowners Helping Indiana Bat through ‘Spooky’ Declines
16. Article: New Bat Cams aim to educate the public on the life of these mysterious creatures
17. Article: Decline in bat population could hurt bourbon industry
18. Article: Watchdog warns more species at risk
19. Article: ASU scientists study snakes, spiders and other creatures to learn more about climate change, environment and society
20. Article: Misunderstood Creatures of the Night Offer Valuable Pest Control Service
21. Article: Bats Need Attention Not Fear
22. Article: The nature of Halloween
23. Article: If you hate bugs, consider bats among your new best friends
24. Article: UK Study Helps Bats Come Home to Roost and Recover
25. Article: Scientists debunk myths about Illinois bats
26. Article: Trick or Treat? The Frightening Threats to Bats
27. Article: Survey of northern Missouri’s bat population in the works
28. Article: Kids know the dress code for ‘Batacular’
29. Article: SCDNR will test caves, old mines for bat-killing fungus
30. Article: NY State cave explorers cautioned: Don’t disturb hibernating bats
31. Article: Bat program at Calgary Zoo just in time for Halloween
32. Article: The Proof that Hoary Bats Hibernate
33. Videos: Bat Squad Webcasts
34. Scholarship: Student Research Scholarships for Global Bat Conservation Priorities – deadline November 30, 2016

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