B.C. considers ban on invasive species

Northern Snakehead


British Columbia could soon lose its status as the only jurisdiction in North America that allows the importation of live northern snakeheads, an invasive predatory fish that made headlines after it was apparently spotted in a Burnaby lagoon.

The Northern Snakehead is native to China, Russia and Korea.  They were introduced into other countries due to their economic value as a food fish. They are voracious, top-level predators, able to consume a wide variety of prey.  Young fish are also able to spend days out of water which could potentially aid in their spread to new areas.

Provincial Environment Minister Terry Lake said in an interview Friday the ministry is treating the incident as a high priority and is looking at several options.

From the Globe and Mail.  For full article please see:


Update:  The fish found in the Burnaby Central Park lagoon was captured on June 8th and euthanized.  Steps were also taken to ensure that this was the only Snakehead in the lagoon.  BC’s environment minister, Terry Lake has vowed to ban the import of live Snakeheads into BC by the fall of 2012.


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